2024 Approved Grand Rounds Programs

Our 2024 Grand Rounds programs are led by dedicated activity directors, supported by their internal teams. Each program is linked to the activity homepage on this site. For additional information, or if you wish to attend a Grand Rounds session, please reach out to a member of the activity Support Team.

Bioethics and Decision Sciences Grand Rounds

Activity Director: Daniel Hoegen, LSW, MS, HEC-C

Support Team: Shannon Getchey (smgetchey@geisinger.edu) 

Additional Resources: Department of Bioethics & Decision Sciences | Geisinger College

Internal: Department of Bioethics and Decision Sciences (sharepoint.com)


Clinical Research Grand Rounds 

Activity Director: Candice Laubach, MBA

Support Team: Christian Lynch, MPH (clynch3@geisinger.edu) 

Past Recordings: Clinical Research Grand Rounds (CRGR) (sharepoint.com)


Dermatology Grand Rounds

Activity Director: Eric W. Hossler, MD

Support Team: Tammy Rodenhaver (trodenhaver@geisinger.edu) 

Additional Resources: Dermatologist Near Me – Dermatology | Geisinger


GI APP Grand Rounds

Activity Director: Lorella Thomas, CRNP (lgthomas@geisinger.edu) 


Lower Extremity Grand Rounds

Activity Director: Nicole Branning, DPM

Support Team: Anna Dabrowski (aedabrowski@geisinger.edu) 


Medical Education Grand Rounds

Activity Director: Nicole Woll, PhD, MEd

Support Team: Kristi Shirk, BA (klshirk1@geisinger.edu); Annie Seif, BA (aseif1@geisinger.edu) 

Additional Resources: Faculty Development | Geisinger College of Health Sciences

Internal SharePoint: Medical Education Grand Rounds (sharepoint.com) 

Medical Education Grand Rounds is a virtual educational activity held on a quarterly basis on the First Friday of February, May, August, and November from 7:00 am - 8:00 am. This program is open to all educators. 
If you were unable to attend any previous sessions and want to receive credit, please access the content on the Enduring Materials page. You can also access the recordings via this YouTube Playlist. 


Medicine Grand Rounds 

Activity Director: Stefanie Leader, DO

Support Team: Trish Dale (pcdale1@geisinger.edu); Ali Brandau (abrandau@geisinger.edu)

Additional Resources: Geisinger Medicine Institute | Geisinger


Neurology Grand Rounds 

Activity Director: Dana Vanino, DO

Support Team: Krity Heim (kheim1@geisinger.edu) 

Additional Resources: Neuroscience Institute | Geisinger


Neuroscience Grand Rounds 

Activity Director: Edward Monaco III, MD, PhD

Support Team: Brea French (bfrench1@geisinger.edu) 

Additional Resources: Neuroscience Institute | Geisinger


OB/GYN Grand Rounds

Activity Director: Jay Bringman, MD, MBA

Support Team: Jennie Toter (jtoter1@geisinger.edu)

Additional Resources: Women & Children's Institute | Geisinger


Osteopathic Grand Rounds 

Activity Director: Michaelyn Notz, DO

Support Team: Robin Bardo (rlbardo@geisinger.edu) (cce@geisinger.edu) 


Pediatric Grand Rounds 

Activity Director: Frank Maffei, MD

Support Team: Sandra Heller (seheller@geisinger.edu) 

Additional Resources: Women & Children's Institute | Geisinger


Pediatric Surgery Grand Rounds

Activity Director: Kelly B. Smith, BSN, RN, CPN

Support Team: Kelly B. Smith, BSN, RN, CPN (kbsmith@geisinger.edu), Gena Bixler (gebixler@geisinger.edu) 

Additional Resources: Surgery Institute Pediatric Surgery Specialists | Geisinger 


Pharmacy Grand Rounds 

Activity Director: Daniel Longyhore, PharmD, EdD, BCACP

Support Team: Melissa Kern, (mskern1@geisinger.edu) 

Internal SharePoint: Pharmacy - Home (sharepoint.com)



Coming Soon: 

Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Grand Rounds

Urology Grand Rounds and MEND